Used Inflatable Boats

IBC's used boat inventory is constantly changing and updating, please check back often.

If you have had a unit stolen and need a
value for insurance purposes, we will be happy to provide you
with the current retail price to serve as a replacement value. If you are able
to provide us with the serial number we will be happy to give you the age of any
unit. However, despite the age, condition can vary greatly from unit to unit
depending on usage & maintenance history. For these reasons it is impossible
for us to appraise the value of a unit from a serial number or a photo. Proceed
with caution on any used gear purchases from Craigslist or similar sites.If the deal is too good to be true it probably isn't.If you are able to, have the used
equipment inspected by certified, factory trained personnel (most Zodiac
dealers can do this) prior to purchase. Most importantly, if bought used, always have your 
boat inspected as described above before use!