Zodiac Cadet 230 Aero + Yamaha F2.5 Hp Outboard

The Zodiac Cadet Aero 230 makes light weight boat operations as easy as unroll, inflate, and go! This package includes a Yamaha clean burning F2.5 Hp outboard motor with integrated fuel tank that runs on regular gas.

The air floor means you just unroll and inflate, making getting into the water something measured in minutes.The Zodiac Zoom 230 is the perfect dinghy for boaters with little deck or storage space.

  • Length 7'7"
  • Beam 4'5"
  • Weight 53lbs.
  • Passengers 3
  • Payload 662lbs.
  • Max HP 4


  • Item #: ZCAD230AEROYAM2.5
  • Manufacturer: Zodiac

Zodiac Cadet 230 Aero + Yamaha F2.5 Hp Outboard

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