12 Volt Inflation Pump with Gauge For All Inflatables

The Bravo BTP12 inflation pump has all the stuff you need to inflate any boat whether it has a high pressure floor, it's a R.I.B., or roll up.

Complete with hose tip adapters ,integrated pressure gauge,auto shut off sensor, and of course a carrying case.

This is one of our favorite pumps and it's quickly becoming a favorite of our customers as well due to it's ease of use and integrated gauge.

Simply turn the needle to the desired pressure and presto!

It takes all of the guess work out of getting the right pressure everytime!

Just attach the battery leads to your car, boat, or truck for 12v dc power and save your energy for boating instead of inflation.

The number 1 failure modality for inflatable boats is under inflation or incorrect pressures.

Don't be "that guy" do it right everytime.

  • Item #: 19941376
  • Manufacturer: West Marine

12 Volt Inflation Pump with Gauge For All Inflatables

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