12V Inflatable Boat Pump (for all inflatables)

The West Marine BTP 12V Inflation Pump takes all the guess work out of inflating your Zodiac or other inflatable boat. Just set the dial to the correct pressure and the pump does the rest. The pump senses when the correct pressue is acheived and shuts it's self off. No more questionable pressure gauges or incorrect inflations.

The #1 failure modality is from incorrect pressures while operating your Inflatable Boat.

Suitable for H2P Airfloors, tubesets, keels, SUP boards, ect. up to 14.7 PSI

Just clip it to your auto battery and be in the water in less time than with a foot pump and at the right pressure.

An absolute must with all airfloor models of Inflatable Boats with an easy to read gauge.

  • Item #: WM13989538
  • Manufacturer: West Marine

12V Inflatable Boat Pump (for all inflatables)

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