2003 Avon Seasport 320 DL Jet (Used)
Not too long ago people were discriminating, they preferred quality in a major purchase that gave peace of mind in ownership. Avon Inflatable Boats have always been synonymous with quality and the Avon Seasport 320DL Jet is no exception.
Built one at a time, by hand, the Avon Seasport 320DL Jet is a study of fine art meeting advanced engineering. Hands skilled in their craft lovingly assembled each and every one to be a head turner yet still offer blistering speed and nimble maneuvering in the shallows.
This particular Avon Seasport 320DL Jet is a one owner boat that has had all of it's service done here at IBC so we know the owner and it's history and we know it's a great value at this price. There is a trailer included in the cost and it is local pickup only, no shipping of this unit.
Features such as an integrated tow point will make your tender into a watersports boat that will easily pull a tube with haste.
Easy to use controls and steering make the Avon Seasport 320DL a breeze to pilot for any skill level.
Integrated nav lights will make date night at the club something to plan for regularly, and ample seating means you won't have an excuse to not enjoy some company once in awhile.
The Avon Seasport series of Deluxe Tenders represents a long linage of luxury and performance that continues to this day.
10"6" OAL
5'7" Beam
Avon Hypalon Fabric
Fiberglass Hull
Weight 617 Lbs
  • Manufacturer: Avon

2003 Avon Seasport 320DL Jet (Used)

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