8 Man Offshore Life Raft Valise Type ISO 9650

Zodiac Offshore ISAF 8 Person Life Raft

The Zodiac Offshore Life Rafts have been redesigned for this year, making them more compact and lightweight than ever before. The offshore rafts are built to be more comfortable and well equipped when there is a chance of being at float for more than a day and further from shipping traffic! The Zodiac "Open Sea" offshore raft models are approved by the ISAF as a suitable for long distance cruising and racing! Choose between a soft valise storage bag or a hard shell canister for deck mounting (requires additional cradle and hydrostatic release mechanism).


  • Raft is sealed in an air-tight vacuum bag to prevent salt and moisture from entering
  • Cellular foam floor with aluminum coating
  • Self Bailing Drain
  • Independent bouyancy tubes (2)
  • Self erecting canopy
  • Reinforced boarding ladder with righting strap and safety line
  • 30 Liter ballast bags for rough sea stabilization (4)
  • SOLAS approved pyrotechnics
  • 12 Year limited warranty
  • 3 Year service intervals

  • Rescue Quit + 30 meters of line (1)
  • Floating knife (1)
  • Sea anchor and line (1)
  • Bailer (1)
  • Sponges (2)
  • Paddles (2)
  • Repair Kit (1)
  • Hand pump (1)
  • Raft operating instructions (1)
  • Rain water collection system (1)
  • Signal Mirror (1)
  • Owners Manual (1)
  • Parachute Flares (2)
  • Hand-held flares (3)
  • Waterproof signaling flashlight w/batteries (1)
  • Replacement bulb and batteries (1)
  • Anti-seasickness pills (6/person)
  • Water rations (1 pint/person)

    Specifications: (Valise Model)
  • Deployed dimensions: 8'2"x6'7"
  • Packed dimensions: 29"x19"x9""
  • Weight: 108lbs.

    Specifications: (Canister Model)
  • Deployed dimensions: 8'2"x6'7"
  • Packed dimensions: 32"x22"x10"
  • Weight: 117lbs.

    All life rafts are special order as the service interval begins immediately after initial packing. This is a hazmat item and can only be shipped via ground - additional charges will apply - please inquire!

  • Item #: Z20613
  • Manufacturer: Zodiac

8 Man Offshore Life Raft Valise Type ISO 9650

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