Air Floor Boats

 At The Inflatable Boat Center you'll find the largest selection of airfloor inflatable boats in the World. Zodiac Fastrollers to Cardinal and Bombard airfloor models in every size and budget. Inflatable Boats with airfloors are easy to use simply unroll and inflate and you're ready to go on you next adventure or to the beach. Airfloor Inflatable Boats were originally concieved for military operations that required deployment from submarines underwater but rapidly found a place in the siling and RV world. Today everything from SUP Boards to lifesaving equipment and floating docks utilize the technology Zodiac made famous in the Special Forces community and is quickly eclipsing most other common floorboard models. Easy to stow and easy to deploy in a convieniant lightweight package makes this range one of the hottest ranges for sale tody.

Airfloor models are also available in the MILPRO Series for most models.

 Airfloor boats generally need less horsepower and use less fuel that other inflatable boat technologies.