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The Inflatable Boat Center, it's staff and crew have always been big fans of Avon Inflatable Boats and RIBS since our inception over 40 years ago. As lifetime sailors and watermen we've used Avon Inflatable Boats from everything like surfing and fishing to runabouts and launches. We've navigated the coasts and waterways of countless far flung locations in our Avons making friends and connections along the way.

In the days before electronic chart plotters and G.P.S. the IBC crew would look for safe passge thru reefs and rocks, we would get fresh water and stores, land V.I.P.s on the beach and bring them back again all in Avon Inflatable Boats. Being able to bring Avon Inflatable Boats back to the USA and for the recreactional market has been the most exciting thing to happen in the yachting and cruising world since Avon's departure in 2010 to fulfill military and humanitarian efforts underway at the time. Avon Inflatable Boats have always been legendary and IBC is happy to announce the legend lives on! Call one of our sales staff to see your next new tender at (503) 235-2628 and start your own adventure today.

Avon's story is below.

2003 Avon Seasport 320 DL Jet (Used) Avon Seasport 360 Deluxe Avon Seasport 400 Deluxe
2003 Avon Seasport 320DL Jet (Used)Avon Seasport 360 DeluxeAvon Seasport 400 Deluxe



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Since 1959, Avon Inflatables Limited has produced over 200,000 inflatables and rigid inflatable boats (RIB). Recognised as a pioneer and a world leader, Avon has an enviable reputation for design, performance and exceptional
product quality.

Created in Bradford on Avon, Avon Inflatables moved to its current location in Dafen near the town of Llanelli, South Wales, UK in the early 1960’s. The company’s growth has been astounding, with an innovative and ever growing product range and a brand name that is recognised throughout the world.

Avon products are available globally from an international network of dealers, distributors and agents and are serviced by a comprehensive network of locally convenient service stations, providing expert after sales support for customers.

Nearly 60 years of producing first-class hand-built products have led to Avon being recognised as ‘the’ product to own in both the inflatable boating and life saving industry.


Each product boasts unrivalled design, careful research and rigorous sea trials to guarantee exceptional on water performance and life saving capabilities.

The smallest detail is considered, from the hull design to carrying capacity, ensuring outstanding handling, buoyancy and seaworthiness.

As testament to the product quality, Avon’s Liferaft range has had more successful rescues than any other brand, including the longest Liferaft survival in history- an impressive 117 days.


Avon has been setting the standard for quality, style and innovation for generations – the Roll Away is a prime example, and as you’re about to see, we’re still leading the way and leaving everything in our wake.

With their light weight and advanced hull designs, you can expect high performance from your Avon even with medium powered engines, providing major energy and cost savings. The seaworthiness of these inflatables is unparalleled.

With well tested, carefully designed hull shapes, raised bows, outstanding buoyancy and remarkable stability, they can withstand much rougher conditions than rigid craft of comparable size.