Bennett SLT Trim Tab Kit

Bennett Self Leveling Trim tabs get your boat out of the water and on plane easier and faster plus gets rid of chine walking.

Discover for yourself the improved performance and plane speeds at lower rpms with the self leveling trim tab kit.

Fits 10' to 14' tenders and small boats.

Make your R.I.B. into a planning machine and never get dinghy envy again, will improve your hole shot, eliminate porpoising & chine walking all while increasing fuel efficiency.

Works on R.I.B.s , and roll ups alike giving you the perfomance edge to spray the competition!

Installation is quick and easy, you don't even need a template!

  • Item #: BEN-SLT6
  • Manufacturer: Bennett

Bennett SLT Trim Tab Kit 6" X 8"

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