Bombard 66th Anniversary

In celebration of Dr. Bombard's monumental Atlantic Ocean Crossing IBC is making all Bombard Inflatable Boats available at a discount for the next generation of explorers.

Known as the father of modern inflatable boats, Dr. Bombard was also a Naval Officer, Explorer, Marine Biologist, as well as the first Ecologist of Merit. Dr Bombard began a journey of monumental proportions by setting out alone in a prototype Zodiac MK3 inflatable boat dubbed "Heretique". To prove a shipwrecked boater can not only survive, but thrive on only what the ocean's bounty can provide and by having hope and a never quit mindset Dr. Bombard accompished the impossible and paved the way for the future of lifesaving and survival at sea.

Much of Dr. Bombard's ideas have been made into the foundation of many nation's naval survival training.

Dr. Alain Bombard left Casablanca on October 19th 1952 with only his wits and an inflatable boat. For 65 days he survived on what he could extract from the ocean with materials he found or took along with him that would be found after a vessel sinks.

His motto of "Never Lose Hope" would carry him to a remote beach in Barbados after a long and perilous voyage. Sailors world wide owe what they know about survival at sea to Dr. Bombard. In honour of Dr. Bombard, IBC is having their 66th Annual Bombard Sale from October 19th until December 23rd to commemorate his incredible voyage and all of his achivements.


Dr. Bombard catapulted Zodiac into the modern world with designs and record sales, this is why Bombard is one of the two most recognized names in inflatable boats and why Zodiac continues to this day manufacturing the Bombard line of inflatable boats. Life long friend and collegue Captain Jacques - Yves Cousteau followed Dr. Bombard's recomendations and began his illustrious career using boats from Zodiac.