Bombard Commando C3

Owning a Bombard Commando means you never have to compromise.

The Bombard Commando C-3 is the first and smallest size in the Zodiac/Bombard Commando lineup. Packing incredible punch into a small highly mobile package is the Commando way and no where else is this concept better illustrated than the C3 Commando.

The Bombard C3 Commando is the stiffest in the line-up with the least torsional deformation that couples the most horse power to the boat making it perform well beyond it's specs.

The high performance of an Ultra-R.I.B. with the portability of a special forces strike team.

This is the #1 go anywhere do anything inflatable boat that has stood the test of time on the blue water and all points in between.

The C3 Commando is the same boat Captain Ron used to dominate the world white water racing championships and offshore events during the 80s. See why more guides, officers, and citizens alike use this boat over all others. Most Bombard Commando owners never use another inflatable once they use a Commando series boat.

The Bombard Commando C3 inflatable boat, with its heavy duty aluminum floor boards and rigid sectional wooden keel, is a great boat for those looking for the performance of the rigid hull, with the option of portability. These boats are very popular among divers, fishermen, and on the water workers. With its ultimate keel rigidity, this boat will offer better maneuverability and comfort than those with the standard air keel. A great boat with a robust design and the capability to go anywhere!


•Overall Length: 12'6"
•Inside Length: 8'2"
•Overall Width: 5'9"
•Inside Width: 2'9"
•Buoyancy Tube Diameter: 1'6"
•Passengers: 6
•Maximum Payload: 1653lbs.
•Total Weight: 216
•Air Tight Compartments: 3
•Shaft: Short
•Minimum Recommended Power (hp): 25
•Maximum Power Allowed (hp): 40
•Maximum Speed (mph): 35-?

  • Bag Dimensions
  • Hull bag 45"X25"X15" 100Lbs.
  • Floor Boards 41"X21"X6" 70Lbs.


Alain Bombard forged the values of adventure and reliability of the brand that bears his name. By offering safe, robust products, Bombard boats are a reference to this heritage every day.

  • Item #: Z5132
  • Manufacturer: Bombard

Bombard Commando C-3 (C3 Commando)

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