Bombard Commando C-5 Jet Guide Boat (Special Boats Division)

The No Mod C5 Jet version meets the budget and needs of the lighter duty user but still offers performance when you need it.

Good for fishing, hunting, enforcement, and rescue.

  •  Yamaha F40/30 JEHA 
  • EZ Loader trailer
  • 6 gallon fuel tank
  • battery + box


All Special Boats Division boat packages are rigged at the time of order and may take up to two weeks to shipment/delivery.
Some models are rigged and ready in the IBC Showroom but not always, please plan accordingly.

  • Item #: BOMC5YAM4030PAK
  • Manufacturer: IBC Special Boats Division

Bombard Commando C-5 Sport Jet (No Mod)

Price: $14,250.00
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