Bombard Commando C-5 Jet Guide Boat (Special Boats Division)

This is not you dad's boat!

We've all done it as children, dreamt of what could be, of what that doesn't exist, of the future of things to come. Some of the best ideas come from dreamers and thier musings of what could be. In the beginning when Captain Ron was running the Peyete River rapids racing his outboard propelled Bombard Commando you could hear him speak about the future in interviews, you just didn't know it back then. Flash forward a few years and you started to see new things come on the market as predicted by our own oracle Capt. Ron. Going a bit further into the then future/now (present) and you'll see it's all come to pass.
Enter the IBC Special Boats Division C5 Sport Jet Commando! Designed and outfitted with the outdoor adventurer in mind the C5 Sport Jet Commando takes you where others fear to go and takes you back again! Fear no shallow water! Load over a ton of cargo and navigate the toughest streams and rivers on the planet getting to and from your hunting or fishing camp. IBC has been building similar boats for police, fire, military, and government orginizations for years and now offers our vast experience to the outdoor adventurer.
Powered by proven Yamaha Outboards on the proven Bombard Commando platform our C5 Sport Jet is the dream stuff of wonderment for the fisherman, hunter, or explorer looking to get away from the crowd and strike out on their own. Commando can mean a singular person or a small team or highly trained and motivated people and with the C5's rating of 9 persons or over one ton of cargo you start to imagine just what is possible in a few inches of water. Our Special Boats Division C5 Sport Jet doesn't look for accolades or headlines it goes deep into harsh country and gets the job done.

  •  Yamaha F40/30 JEHA 
  •  IBC Special Boats Division Sport Jet Power Mods
  • EZ Loader trailer
  • 12 gallon fuel tank
  • battery + box


All Special Boats Division boat packages are rigged at the time of order and may take up to two weeks to shipment/delivery.
Some models are rigged and ready in the IBC Showroom but not always, please plan accordingly.

  • Item #: SBDBOMC5YAM4030PAK
  • Manufacturer: IBC Special Boats Division

Bombard Commando C-5 Sport Jet (Special Boats Division)

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