Bombard Commando C4 Ambush Jet

Run shallow, run deep, the Ambush does it all!

Developed for our friends in the polar regions but requested every where the sun shines and the wind blows IBC's Ambush is built on the solid Bombard Commando foundation to ensure reliability. Featuring a jet outboard and IBC exclusive "Jet Mods" that were developed thru Ron's experience in the white water racing circut this one doesn't dissappoint.

With the added Cataract Carbon Oars and Magnum Blades you can scratch thru the trickiest sections while maintaing your attitude and course.

Launch with the included EZ Loader galvanized trailer or roll it up and put it in a bush plane no water or territory is off limits.

Prices subject to change without warning

Outboard jet selection subject to availability.

Local Pickup Only

  • Manufacturer: IBC Special Boats Division

Bombard Commando C4 Ambush Jet Special Boats Division

Price: $19,000.00
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