Bombard Typhoon 310 Aero airfloor inflatable boat

The introduction of the Bombard Typhoon series is aimed at the recreational user who demands a first quality boat at a bargain price, and is supported at every level by Zodiac's over 120 years of experiance and a vast dealer network. Compare that to any other inflatable boat manufacturer and understand why Bombard ranks as #1 for first time buyers and seasoned professionals alike.

The Zodiac/Bombard Typhoon series of inflatable boats represents the best quality for the money in a world of ever changing cheap internet knockoffs. Demand the lineage and quality of a Zodiac/Bombard and get the very best boat for the money.

For the more professional users IBC still offers the Bombard Commando series as well as the easy to love and use Typhoon series under one roof.
Order your first boat online thru our website or come in and talk to people who use these very same boats themselves everyday.
Ask about a boat and motor package and find your own little slice of Heaven in a Bombard.

The perfect 10 foot boat with all the convienence of an airfloor!

One of the most popular sailbaots tenders on the market because of it price and performance.

Inflate, fish, crab, recreate all in high style with sport boat performance.

Don't wait until tomorrow supplies are limited on this very capable aluminum floorboard model from Zodiac-Bombard.

  • 10'2" length
  • 5'4" beam
  • 1102 lb payload
  • 4 persons
  • max 8Hp

One of the most popular models now with high pressure airfloor!

Simply unroll, inflate, and go go go!

The airfloor models are lighter and easier to setup and stow making this a great tender, RV/ Camping boat.

You deserve a Bombard.

  • Item #: BOMTY310AERO
  • Manufacturer: Bombard

Bombard Typhoon 310 Aero (airfloor model)

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