Bombard Inflatable Boats for casual to professional use represent quality and value throughout the model range. IBC offers Bombard Inflatable Boats for every budget or mission from the beginner models like the Typhoon range to more professional models like the Commando series and Explorer series. Recognized the World over as the leader in survival at sea and expedition boats Bombard Inflatable Boats are the name to ask for when shopping for your next inflatable boat. Ron has won World Championships racing the Bombard Command C3, and Mike uses the Commando line exclusively for high lattitude operations. Whatever your application or need IBC has the right Bombard Inflatable Boat at the right price ready for delivery today.

In 1952, the young Alain Bombard, a 27-year-old physician-navigator, left Las Palmas in the Canary Islands on an inflatable boat he christened “l’Hérétique”, with no food or water on an Trans Atlantic expedition.

He thus covered one-quarter of the globe’s circumference under the worst possible conditions, and two months later arrived safe and sound at Barbados, in the West Indies. Eating fish and plankton and drinking fish juice and rainwater, he proved that it is possible for a castaway to survive at sea thanks to the ocean’s riches.

With his book, “Naufragé Volontaire”, published in 1958, he acquired worldwide fame and then took part in various research projects, the development of liferafts and the creation of a line of Bombard inflatable boats

He then saw the creation of a line of inflatable boats bearing his name: watercraft designed for pleasure boating as well as Commando boats applied to more professional uses.

In France and abroad, his name is still associated with survival at sea and, more generally, with the protection of the sea and marine ecology.

Alain Bombard forged the values of adventure and reliability of the brand that bears his name. By offering safe, robust products, Bombard boats are a reference to this heritage every day.