Cardinal Inflatable Boats cddg 230

The CDDG230ST is what we at IBC affectionately call a "Doughnut Boat" which is very well suited for a tender or work boat for doing operations at the waterline. A basic boat with a removable motor mount/transom that is a great grocery getter whether you are rowing or motoring.

  • Length 7'6"
  • Beam 4'3"
  • Stowed Dimensions 41"x24"x12"
  • Max Hp 5Hp
  • Weight 57Lbs.
  • Max Capacity 2 persons
  •  PVC Construction
  • Tube Diameter 16"
  • Floor Construction Slatted
  • Bow Roller

New for the NW Boater, Cardinal Inflatable Boats meet or exceed expectations in fit and finish that boaters here in the Northern lattitudes desire on their boats.

2016 model

  • Item #: CDDG230ST2016
  • Manufacturer: Cardinal Inflatable Boats

Cardinal CDDG-230ST 2016

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