Cardinal Inflatable Boats cddg 230

The CDDG230ST is what we at IBC affectionately call a "Doughnut Boat" which is very well suited for a tender or work boat for doing operations at the waterline. A basic boat with a removable motor mount/transom that is a great grocery getter whether you are rowing or motoring.

  • Length 7'6"
  • Beam 4'3"
  • Stowed Dimensions 41"x24"x12"
  • Max Hp 5Hp
  • Weight 57Lbs.
  • Max Capacity 2 persons
  •  PVC Construction
  • Tube Diameter 16"
  • Floor Construction Slatted
  • Bow Roller

New for the NW Boater, Cardinal Inflatable Boats meet or exceed expectations in fit and finish that boaters here in the Northern lattitudes desire on their boats.

  • Item #: CDDG230
  • Manufacturer: Cardinal Inflatable Boats

Cardinal CDDG-230ST

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