Marlon by Highfield AL 270

An IBC exclusive on a great boat that competes with the best of the bunch but at a bargin price. You don't have to settle for a big box store blow out on something that will fall apart when it gets wet to stay on a tight budget. Introducing the the Highfield AL270 built for Marlon Trailers.

Constructed by Highfield for Marlon with emphasis on the Northern boating market this series has all the things boaters need in a package tough enough for the higher lattitudes. Easy to stow aluminum floorboards mean folding up the Marlon AL270 is a snap when it has to go below or be transported. While originally intended for the yachting community a fair number of our customers use the Marlon AL series for fishing and other outdoor adventures here in the Pacific NW land of the outdoors.


  • Two Oars
  • Foot Pump
  • Repair Kit
  • Carry Bag
  • One wood seat


  • Length: 106"
  • Width: 59.84"
  • No. of Chamber: 3+1
  • Net Weight: 106 lbs
  • Max Power: 7.5 KW/ 10HP
  • Max Load: 1067 lbs
  • Max Person: 3.5
  • Tube Diameter: 16.54"
  • Stowed Dimension in: 44*24*12.5"


  • Item #: MARHF270ALU
  • Manufacturer: Highfield (Marlon Branded)

Highfield AL 270 (Marlon Branded)

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