Inflatable Boat Cover

Cover 11'6" IBC (Sport Nose)

  • Protects against rain, hail, snow, and UV
  • Ideal for mooring, storage and travel when properly tied down and supported
  • Join seams are folded 4-ply, no raw edges
  • Extremely water repellent yet breathable to help allow interior moisture to escape
  • Double stitch construction and reinforced tie down loops for added strength and durability
  • 50 ft. braided tie down rope (included)

Fits Avon 340 Rover models and Zodiac 11' models with a sport nose such as older Cadets and Yachtline 340 models.


  • Item #: CRV7INF11P
  • Manufacturer: Carver

Inflatable Boat Cover 11'6" IBC (Sport Nose)

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