Inflatable Boat Patch Kit Black PVC

This is not the average cheapo patch kit that came with your inflatable boat. The IBC Inflatable Boat Patch Kit Black PVC contains everything you need to make a permanet repair on your inflatable boat. Top quality Zodiac fabric and the best two part adhesive on the market means you won't be fooled again by other kits that don't work or aren't compatible. This is not a kit for pool toys or shower curtain boats, bladders, or towables, it's the real stuff made for real inflatable boats.

Do not compare to other patch kits on the web, that's a fool's errand. We don't package sealant with our kits like some other online retailers who don't fix boats, we sell sealant kits seperate. Our fabrics are measured in decitex not denier, and most utilize the duotex fabric makeup which is twice as strong as the competitors brand X 1000 denier trash. 

We use inflatable boats, we fix inflatable boats

You can choose any color as long as it's black

This kit is a must for any blue water sailor or adventurer.

 Kit contains

  1. 8oz polyurethane glue
  2. 10ml curing agent
  3. solvent
  4. paper mixing cups
  5. brushes
  6. 12"X12" patching material (cut your own patch)

No muss no fuss!

  • Manufacturer: IBC

Inflatable Boat Patch Kit Black PVC

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