Inflatable Work Boats

People who work on the water have special needs when it comes to inflatable boats IBC knows this because we work on the water ourselves.

Serving sectors as diverse as the waters they operate in Zodiac Inflatable Work Boats are the unifying ingrediant to success and safe maritime operations. Being able to carry several tons in a package that can be folded up and delivered to the most remote locales via air drop,helicopter,boat,truck etc. means logistics that were once an insurmountable task are relatively easy with the Zodiac Inflatable Work Boat. Transfering vehicals,enviromental gear,passengers,geological samples,treasure or whatever else you need to just became a whole lot easier. With the ability to operate fully laden in only inches of water and unsurpassed stability in the worst conditions make Zodiac Inflatable Work Boats the only choice for natural disaster response and rescue operations.

Let Zodiac's over 100 years worth of experiance help you to achieve greatness and let The Inflatable Boat Center make that a reality for your next big project.


We work smarter & harder for you than other all other dealers to get you in the right boat to accomplish any mission.