K-400 K-PUMP

No more waiting for a friend to hold that "hose" and no more extra cost for a secondary "top-off" pump. The K-400 is the only true two-stage pump available. Extensive field-testing (what river guides affectionately call "trying to destroy") contributed to the innovative design, durable construction and exceptional performance of the K-400. It will prove to be the best all-purpose pump you can own.

The K-400 is a true two-stage pump. The primary stage delivers a huge volume (approx. 1.3 gals) of air per stroke. When the pressure in the raft increases and pumping starts to become difficult, a simple twist of the handle locks out the high-volume primary stage and locks in the high-pressure "top-off" stage. You won't miss a stroke! Just 5 lbs. and 31 inches in length, the K-400 is sleek and light-weight compared to it's competitors and is constructed of extremely durable UV enhanced ABS plastic to withstand years of use. As with all K-Pump models, the "hose" has been eliminated! A 600 denier "stow-bag" is included for stowage and protection. Also, like all K-Pump models - the K-400 floats!

Length:31Width:4Height:4Weight:5Material:PVC / ABSPressure:

Volume per Stroke:

  • High Pressure: 0.8 Gal / 3 L
  • Low Pressure: 1.6 Gal / 6 L

What's Included:

  • Valve Adapters
  • Rugged Storage Bag
  • Two "Bungee Balls" for Securing the Pump in Your Boat
  • Unlimited 2-Year Warranty

  • Item #: K400
  • Manufacturer: KPUMP

K-400 K-PUMP

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