Life Rafts

Don't go to sea without a proper life raft! An inflatable dinghy is not a life raft and should not be considered a substitute with the exception of inshore and near shore (>3 miles). A proper life raft features water ballast bags for stability, a canopy for protection, righting lines in the case of a capsize, and most are equipped with survival gear. Life rafts are packaged in compact valise bags or hard shell canisters for easy and efficient storage whether on deck or below. The Zodiac offshore life rafts meet the International Sailing Federation requirements making them a great choice for offshore cruising and racing sailors - After all, Zodiac of North America is an official sponsor of US Sailing and both work closely together to provide sailors with the necessary gear for offshore safety. Zodiac life rafts are not only used on sailboats, however, deep sea fishing vessels and luxury power yachts are also equipped with life rafts to ensure safety for everyone aboard as well. Check out the new Zodiac recreational life rafts below - you will find that they are competitively priced which makes offshore safety feasible for all!

We Offer life raft repacking and recertification services by calling (503)235-2628

All life rafts are special order as the service interval begins immediately after initial packing. This is a hazmat item and can only be shipped via ground - additional charges will apply - please inquire!

Inflatable Boat Center can also repack and certify most major brands of life rafts. Please call for more information!