Maxxon 2 Person Kayak RED

Fish, hike, float, paddle, fresh water or salt water this is the inflatable kayak all others are judged by.

A favorite of wildlife photographers,outfitters, and the casual user alike.

With all the features to take you there and back again you'll appreciate the careful thought that went into this kayak's design

Add some rod holders and get that fish or go crabbing in the bay.

Stows in it's carry bag when not needed for ultra portability and space saving benefit.

Can be used as a single seater or a double (seats included) so take someone with you to witness that one that got away or to go somewhere special with a special someone.

  • Length: 12' 6" 
  • Capacity: 2 Person 
  • Boat Weight: 55 lbs
  • Factory Warranty: 5-Year Bow to Stern 
  • Boat storage bag. (Fits in most any car trunk) 
  • Quick inflate "Bellows" pump. 
  • Kayak Paddles 
  • Repair Kit 

Non-Self Bailing

This Convertible Kayak has the ability to self-bail when the caps are off and or becomes water tight when the caps are on.  Convertibles are good for multi-purpose kayakers. With the convertible, you can close the caps and partially deflate the floor to create more room for gear if you need extra room. Also for relaxing on lakes and calm waterscapes that don't require bailers. The caps can be removed when rapids approach. 

   The design team at Maxxon has developed both a one person and a two person self bailing kayak. These kayaks are made with the same integrity and craftsmanship as expected from Maxxon. After thousands of hours spent by our own research and development team, as well as numerous "sea trials" performed by some of the leading white water guides and outfitters, Maxxon is finally able to bring these rugged and durable watercrafts to you. 

  As in all of our Maxxon inflatables we use 1100 denier 32 oz. fabric. The undersides of the kayaks are all triple reinforced to 36 oz. material. All products are built by hand and we use only the finest materials and craftsmanship during fabrication.  

(Mike tested and approved)

  • Item #: MAX1205N
  • Manufacturer: Maxxon

Maxxon 2 Person Kayak RED

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