Rescue Boats I.R.B.s

These boats save lives!

Life Saving Professionals demand the very best equipment for their hazardous missions retrieving precious cargo.

IBC works closely with Rescue Teams to design and build the very best boats for the missions at hand.

Police and Fire Deptmartments, Coast Guard Teams, Surf Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, et al. IBC has been there done that and has built the boat to retrive victims in all water conditions and sea states.

Call us at (503)235-2628 and speak to one of our Inflatable Rescue Boat specialists regarding your needs.

The IBC Crew comes from all areas of boating from Ron's roots in white water guiding and off shore inflatable boat racing in Africa, to special operations in war zones, IOR Racing in Hawaii, polar expeditions and commercial fishing. IBC has been there done that and has the t-shirt too. Call or email us today and see how a lifetime on the water can help you.