Shippable Inflatable Boat Trailer (up to 12' inflatables)

This trailer is shippable by UPS and is suitable for inflatable boats up to 12'.

  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Capacity of 800lbs.
  • Includes D.O.T aproved lights
  • 5" Adjustable Carpeted Bunks with Dual Supports
  • Winch Stand
  • Winch with Strap
  •  4.80X8 Tires
  • Hitch Coupler for 2" Ball
  • Safety Chains

Designed for easy assembly with common tools and useable with inflatable boats and personal water craft up to 12'.

 Mike likes to set the bunks sideways and put two kayaks on it when white water season is in his words, "Going off dude!". This trailer works for most tenders and inflatables 12' and under, and is about perfect for the Typhoon 360S with a nice Yamaha 20 hanging on it. One of the easist to back up and launch with, and it disassembles and stows away in a closet when it's time. Can ship to Hawaii no problem for those extra secret surf sessions you can only get to by boat.

  • Item #: CES48810
  • Manufacturer: Smith

Shippable Inflatable Boat Trailer (up to 12' inflatables)

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