Bombard Commando C3 Special Boats Division

Special Boats Division Commando Package

Comes With A Four Stroke Nissan 40Hp Tiller Outboard Motor!

Used by people who spend their lives on the water that demand the very best performance and portability in an inflatable boat.

The Bombard Commando C3 inflatable boat, with its heavy duty aluminum floor boards and rigid sectional wooden keel, is a great boat for those looking for the performance of the rigid hull, with the option of portability. These boats are very popular among divers, fishermen, and on the water workers. With its ultimate keel rigidity, this boat will offer better maneuverability and comfort than those with the standard air keel. A great boat with a robust design and the capability to go anywhere!

Owning a Bombard Commando C3 means you never have to compromise.

R.I.B. Performance, roll up portability.

Ron has used his C3 Commando to win many races through out the world off the coasts and in the white water rivers on 3 continents.

Skip Novak (world renowned sailor) use the Bombard C3 as his tender of choice. 

All Special Boats Division boat packages are rigged at the time of order and may take up to two weeks to shipment/delivery.
Some models are rigged and ready in the IBC Showroom but not always, please plan accordingly.

  • Item #: SBCC340HPPAK
  • Manufacturer: IBC Special Boats Division

Special Boats Division Bombard Commando C-3 Black w Nissan 40Hp

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