Bombard Commando C4 Sportsmen Pack With Nissan 40Hp 4 Stroke

Every once in awhile the boys at IBC’s Special Boats Division take a stock boat and rub some life into it.

This particular occasion they took a Bombard C4 Commando and rigged it up as a mission configurable Sportsmen’s Boat. Suitable for fishing, duck hunting, back country, and big game or just going fast this one does it all and asks for more.

They started by making a custom seating system with rotating folding chairs to utilize the accessory rails on the Commando’s HD floor system letting the user move them to where they wanted or needed them in seconds. 

Next they took a look at the Scotty fishing and accessory system and did some magic there as well by applying the Scotty glue pads with heavy duty overlays to accept any Scotty product that uses the 241 standard base. (options abound)

Taking a page out of Mike’s operational manual the shop installed Seadek non-skid to the HD Aluminum floors deadening the noise signature while providing superior traction in all conditions. The Army Green Camo Pattern doesn’t hurt when it comes to hunting ducks or geese and has been a favorite here in the NW for just that.

For that performance advantage the Special Boats Division went with a 40Hp 4 stroke outboard motor with a tiller handle. Mike and Adam insist on a tiller for laser precision handling with lock to lock maneuvers in less than a second.

Now there is no excuse why your freezer is empty because the guys at IBC’s Special Boat Division have provided you with the master’s Tool Set.

Our Special Boats Division Commando Package with Seadek Traction system, and Scotty fishing system pre installed makes the ultimate mission configurable boat package.

  1. Scotty Fishing System
  2. Custom Seating System
  3. Seadek Traction System - Army Camo Pattern
  4. Nissan 40Hp 4 Stroke Outboard Motor with Tiller Handle
  5. Battery & Box
  6. Fuel Tank

This is an exclusive boat at a once in a lifetime price!

As seen at the 2016 NW Sportsmen's Show!

All Special Boats Division boat packages are rigged at the time of order and may take up to two weeks to shipment/delivery.
Some models are rigged and ready in the IBC Showroom but not always, please plan accordingly.

Motor shown in the images is the 2 stroke version.

  • Item #: SBSC4-40HP
  • Manufacturer: IBC Special Boats Division

Special Boats Division C4 Sportsmen's w Nissan40Hp Black

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