Weaver Launching Wheels

With a 600lb rating and the ability to set out above the tubes Weaver Industries has upped the game in beach launching.

Heavy Duty roto molded wheels are born in Wisconsin then married to Heavy Duty marine grade stainless steel hardware made in Idaho then shipped to us here in Portland Oregon. Nothing is outsourced and quality is never compromised making the best launch wheels available for small tenders and boats.

Wider wheels distribute the load over sugar sand, marshes, river rock, grass, mud and gravel making deep wheel bite and sinking a thing of the past.

IBC and Weaver Industries have enjoyed a relationship since their very beginning and one that has always been based on quality products first.

Chances are if you own a yacht or a dinghy you're already using their products and just don't know it.

Don't chance your dinghy, or your vacation leisure time to a cheap knock off you found online, insist on quality and spend more time using your boat not fixing it.


  • Manufacturer: Weaver

Weaver Launching Wheels

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