Zodiac Bombard Commando C4R 30Hp Package
Zodiac Bombard Commando C4R 30Hp Package

Featuring the new lightweight Tohatsu 30Hp DEFS.
Electric start, tiller handle, with prop.
Battery + box and strap.
6 gallon fuel tank + fitting and tie down strap.
Deluxe trailer with boat tiedown strap.
Once these new outboard units and trailers arrive
they will be rigged for picked up in the order they were purchased.
Very limited supplies for 2022-2023.
Call Mike (503)235-25628 to reserve yours today with a deposit.

•Overall Length: 14'1"
•Inside Length: 9'10"
•Overall Width: 5'9"
•Inside Width: 2'9"
•Buoyancy Tube Diameter: 1'6"
•Passengers: 7
•Maximum Payload: 1918lbs.
•Total Weight: 240
•Air Tight Compartments: 3
•Shaft: Short
•Minimum Recommended Power (hp): 30
•Maximum Power Allowed (hp): 50
•Maximum Speed (mph): 37-?





  • Manufacturer: IBC Special Boats Division

Zodiac Bombard Commando C4R 30Hp Package

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