Zodiac Cadet 270 ALU + Yamaha F6Hp Outboard Special

This inflatable boat package includes a Yamaha clean burning F6Hp outboard motor with 3 gallon fuel tank that runs on regular gas.

The Zodiac Cadet 270 Alu inflatable boat is a great choice of dinghy for smaller cruising vessels. It has carrying capacity for significant gear and crew, but packs down into an easy to store size. With its air floor system, this boat ensures a quick setup time, portability, and rigidity for good performance.


  • Length: 8'10"
  • Beam: 5'
  • Weight: 82 lbs.
  • Persons: 3 + 1
  • Capacity: 926 lbs.
  • Max HP: 6



Click on the video below for Zodiac Cadet 270 Aero Assembly

  • Item #: PAKZCAD270ALUYAMF6
  • Manufacturer: Zodiac

Zodiac Cadet 270 ALU + Yamaha F6Hp Outboard Special

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