Zodiac Cadet 285 Fastroller Acti-V

In the world of inflatable boats none perform better, are built stonger, or are lighter than Zodiac's Fastroller series. The materials and construction technique of French built inflatable boats such as the Zodiac Cedet Fastroller 285 Acti-V ensure that it will have a longer service life than other competing platforms or brands made in China. 

The Zodiac Cadet FR 285 Acti-V inflatable boat is the smallest in the Cadet Fastroller model line. With its high pressure floor system and integrated keel, this boat offers superior performance for its size as well as an outstanding level of portability. This inflatable boat will make a great choice for those seeking an easy to use portable dinghy that performs better than most. The high pressure deep-V keel helps to cut through the water and increases the carrying capacity making this boat the ultimate when compared to any other boat of its size.


•Length: 9' 4"


 •Weight: 77 lbs

•Persons: 4

•Capacity: 992 lbs.

•Max HP: 8



  • Item #: Z11418
  • Manufacturer: Zodiac

Zodiac Cadet 285 Fastroller Acti-V

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