Zodiac Cadet RIB 330 ALU

IBC has always been a leader in the field of inflatable boats and Zodiac has always been our partner in new products and technology development. Being in the Pacific NW we are situated directly in the middle of "Tin Town" where it seems like all boats are made out of aluminum. To answer the needs of the high lattitude sailor Zodiac developed a special Ultra Light

RIB with and aluminum hull to address our particular needs and the needs of sailors world wide.
Light, strong, and durable these ultra light RIBs are sure to make a splash with the yachting community as much as with the outdoor sportsman alike.

Zodiac has developed an aluminum hulled RIB that has a proprietary hull to tube bonding process that elimnates the typical failure modalities normally associated with aluminum hulled RIBs of this type.

Overall length 10'11"
Inside length 7'7"
Overall width 5'6"
Inside width 2'7"
Tube diameter 1'4"
number of chambers 3
Max payload (Lbs.) 1215
Max passengers 5
Boat net weight (Lbs.) 104
Max engine power (Hp) 15
Max engine weight 123

Other Features include;
Powder coated hull
Anti-slip deck
Full length keel guard
Transom engine plate
Strongan R tube fabric (another Zodiac exclusive)
Welded seams
Flush mount "Easy Push" valves (Zodiac exclusive)
Deflecting rubbing strake
Fabric handles
Removable bench seat
Lifting points and towing eyes
Tow bridle points
Seat cushion/under seat bag
Zodiac dry bag
Foot pump, oars, repair kit


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  • Manufacturer: Zodiac

Zodiac Cadet UL RIB 330 ALU

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