Zodiac MILPRO ERB400 Inflatable Boat at The Inflatable Boat Center

The Emergency Rescue Boat (ERB) has been selected by leading Fire and Police units in the United Kingdom and the U.S.A. Its small packed size ensures a stowage position on Fire department rescue trucks or in police patrol vehicles, and its light weight requires Ilie minimum of crew to carry the craft to oil road quarries, estuaries or river banks. Inflation using standard scuba or breathing hollies with the optional Avon pressure reducing valve, takes less than 60 seconds ensuring rapid response times.

  • Length 13'5"
  • Beam 6'3"
  • Weight 145Lbs.
  • Max Hp40
  • Max People 8
  • Capacity 2028Lbs.
  • Heavy duty rubbing strake 
  • Top buoyancy anti chafe strips (ERB 380 only) 
  • Stowage pocket (2 off) 
  • Bow handle 
  • Towing bridle patches 
  • Lifeline 
  • Carrying handles 
  • Drain plug 
  • Paddles with retainers 
  • Aluminium/slatted deck 
  • Inflate/deflate heavy duty bellows 
  • Repair kit 
  • Instruction manual 
  • Heavy duty valise with quick release fastenings 
  • Pressure relief valves 
  • Towing 'U' bolts 
  • Deck mounted securing points 


  • Item #: Z85037-Z66223
  • Manufacturer: Zodiac MILPRO

Zodiac ERB 400 HD Floor

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