Zodiac FC420 Rigid Floor


For those in "The Know" Zodiac's FC420 isn't anything new, but for others it's a whole new world. Based on the Futura hull pattern with it's speed tubes MILPRO's FC420 is a fast and agile boat with a battle proven pedigree.

A favorite in the Western and Gulf Regions the FC420 meets the needs of users needing a strong and robust inflatable to conduct difficult and dangerous missions with speed and safety.

At 13'9" overall with a maximum power of 50Hp means that tier one operations are within grasp of even the smallest groups.

This model is a high demand item and as such proper planning during the aquisition process is reccommended for departments looking to upgrade to their gear. Stocking levels aren't always shown on our website so please call to get a quote and availability before committing to a timeline.

A high pressure floor and quick inflate system is available by request for rapid deployment scenarios.

Undertaking missions on swift water, rivers, bays, and even over the horizon tasking can all be accomplished with the FC420.

Cadres and Governement Agencies must submit a formal RFQ with proper contact information in order to get special pricing for top tier units.


  • Item #: Z80902
  • Manufacturer: Zodiac MILPRO

Zodiac FC420 Rigid Floor

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