Zodiac MILPRO SR4.7 R.I.B. (boat only)

 Always the favorite boat in the tool box, MILPRO's SR4.7 is "thee go to" for fun as well as safe operations whether they be clandestine in nature or you're just out for a family day. This boat comes as an open hull for you to do your own rigging to taste.




Zodiac Milpro™ Sea Rider boats have been proven in operational use around the world, by both military and

professional operators with their unique water ballast system and deep “V” hull, giving the craft exceptional sea keeping capabilities, yet still offering high performance and manoeuvrability in the heaviest of seas.

The Zodiac Milpro™ Sea Rider can be ship launched and self-righting system, inboard variants are also available on certain models.

Zodiac Milpro™ have been at the forefront of the design and development of RIBs since its onset.

Suitable for air-drop missions.

 Overall length :4,74 m (15' 7")

Propulsion system :Outboard, Single or Twin
. Inside length :3,40 m (11' 2")
. Shaft length :L - 20"
. Overall width :2,03 m (6' 8")
. Inside width :1,07 m (3' 6")
. Recommended power :40 HP
. Weight empty :250 kg (551 lb)
. Maximum power :70 HP
. Buoyancy tube diameter :0,50 m (20")
. Outboard Maximum weight :
Single :130 kg (287 lb)

. Max. number of pax (ISO6185) :8
. Design category (EC 2013-53) :C
. Maximum payload (ISO6185) :815 kg (1797 lb)
. Airtight compartments on main tube :5
. Floorboard usable area :3,27 m² (35,20 ft²)
. Tube air pressure :240 mbar 3,4 PSI
. Buoyancy tube volume :1,44 m³ 50,85 ft³
FABRICCSM / Neoprene Duratane™ fabric
. Buoyancy tube :1670 dtx, polyester
. Baffle :black, 1100 dtx, polyester

Grey Tube : Z85501 LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

  • Item #: Z85501YMF70
  • Manufacturer: Zodiac MILPRO

Zodiac MILPRO SR4.7 R.I.B. Yamaha F70 Package

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