Zodiac MILPRO Boats epitomize grace under pressure. Setting the standard in Combat Raiding Craft and Commercial Applications IBC sells and services all of the Zodiac MILPRO lineup to qualified buyers. Our customers include ALL U.S. Military Branches, Dept. Of Homeland Security, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, State and Federal Parks Departments, Salvage Divers, Fire Departments, Shipyards, Rescue Agencies, Marine Biologists, Oceanographers, and the list goes on and on.

The Inflatable Boat Center is an Authorized and Certified Zodiac MILPRO Sales and Service Center with "ELITE" status for the entire Zodiac MILPRO line. Our MILPRO Specialists have operational time in many different bodies of water from rivers to oceans both above and below the water.We've been to the Arctic regions, the Ecuatorial regions and back again on everything from drug interdiction to rescue and salvage ops so we know the challenges our men and women who serve face everyday. Insist on the best when you go down range, insist on Zodiac MILPRO and The Inflatable Boat Center.




 Call us today with your application or mission parameters and let IBC put their years of experiance to work for you.