Zodiac MK2 Futura Special Boats Div Speed Pack w Yamaha F40

Clean burning and quiet Yamaha Four Stroke 40 horse power outboard motor and comfy folding bucket seats all get married to a mini console and ultrafast and easy to plane Zodiac MK2 Futura hull. The Zodiac Futura hull is also used on the definitive special forces boats giving extra speed with less hp to plane and quicker nimble handling compared to any other boat design.

This package is one we get asked about often come summer time when boats are afloat and racing accross the horizon in red streaks. We love the Zodiac Futura, and we like to go fast in style and comfort so the boys set this up as an easy solution that does it all in one package.

Use it for fishing, wake boarding/skating or just for fun anywhere there is water.

 Real time depth sounder with built in alarm included.

Hawkeye D10D

  • dual depth alarms (shallow and deep)
  • reads in feet or meters
  • no glare polorized LCD display with SoftGlo back light for night viewing
  • marine grade, plug and play connectors
  • color operator's manual
  • 2 year warranty from manufacturer
  • power requirement 11-14 Vdc
  • frequency 200khz
  • beam angle 25 degrees
  • cable length 30'


(SBD Package available in limited quantites for a limited time)

All Special Boats Division boat packages are rigged at the time of order and may take up to two weeks to shipment/delivery.
Some models are rigged and ready in the IBC Showroom but not always, please plan accordingly.

  • Manufacturer: IBC Special Boats Division

Zodiac MK2 Futura Speed Pack w Yamaha F40

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