Zodiac MK2 HD Floor Board Set + Stringers

 Genuine Zodiac MK2 HD (HEAVY DUTY) Aluminum Floorboard set including stringers and forward marine plywood boards and H-Members. A true complete floorboard set for those looking to replace an air floor or older floorboarsd set that is damaged or missing.

Fits most newer MK2 models as well as many older models.

Floorboards are non-returnable special order items, they are not make for the cheap imitation off brand boats only the Zodiac MK2 models that accept HD (HEAVY DUTY) floorboards.

Adding HD floorboards means the user gets a stronger and stiffer boat capable of using the maximum recommended Hp outboards. Aluminum HD floorboards offer a more sure footing and the capabilty to carry larger more irrgular loads in confidence.

Sold as a complete set, IBC will not break up a set for individual floorboard parts.


  • Item #: Z10212
  • Manufacturer: Zodiac

Zodiac MK2 HD Floor Board Set + Stringers

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