Zodiac MK2 Heritage Open/Bare Boat

 Very Limited Supplies!

What you get is a MK2 Heritage without the dash or dodger, DIYers can make their own dash (material included) and dodger ( materials not included) to make a one of a kind cruising boat or just use up to a 40hp long shaft tiller to get a very capable boat in a sea of shoddy look alikes.


Fast, flexible, and fun!

The Zodiac MK2 Heritage Classic is a boat that harkens back to the days when cruising under the sun was an event not to be missed. With it's modern materials and genuine French Zodiac Construction the MK2 Heritage Classic will do what you ask of it while delivering performance that will turn heads.

 Freight will be calculated after sale, one pallet with several boxes with a liftgate required on residential address.

Local Pickup is an option but plan on a volume of about a standard fridge in your truck or van.

  • Item #: ZMK2HERIBARE
  • Manufacturer: Zodiac

Zodiac MK2 Heritage Open/Bare Boat

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