Upcoming Container Shipment Update 06/01/22

IBC is slated to receive their long awaited container of Bombard Commandos to the Port of Seattle
 sometime in early July.

Customers who've been waiting for the chance to buy a Bombard Commando are encouraged to
reserve their boat with a $500.00 deposit. 
This container has been two years of waiting with subsequent orders after that adding an 
additional year to that current number.

Bombard Commando units listed for arrival that aren't pre-sold;
Bombard C3 Commando Black 3 each
Bombard C4 Commando Black 5 each
Bombard C4R Commando Red 5 each
Bombard C5 Commando Black 8 each

We are also pleased to announce that select Zodiac Mini-Open models will be coming in at that time
as well.
Models included
Mini-Open 3.1 PVC 1 each
Mini-Open 3.4 PVC 5 each

You are encouraged to reserve Mini-Open models with a $500.00 deposit to lock in your boat to
avoid another year of waiting.

The Zodiac Cadet Container and Cadet RIB Container is still pending a ship date. We will update
you as more logistical information is obtained. 
Customers who have Zodiac Cadets pre-ordered and paid are locked in to the original purchase price 
and not subject to the additional price increases forthcoming.

You may contact us by phone Tuesday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 and Saturday 9am-3pm Pacific Standard Time. (503)235-2628



     IBC is known for it's integrity, superior service, innovation, teamwork, quality, and experience serving the recreational, professional, and military sectors for over 40 years.

    You may contact us by phone Tuesday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 and Saturday 9am-3pm Pacific Standard Time. (503)235-2628